Top Dad

Vacation Prepping

June 20, 2022 Top Dad Season 2 Episode 93
Top Dad
Vacation Prepping
Show Notes

Episode 93: Going on Vacation... better start prepping!

A Top Dad has to spend time, effort, and money on prepping for a vacation. You need to think about what you need. What your wife needs. What your kids need.  You have to plan ahead for work. You have to figure out lawn mowing schedules, and garbage day pick up, and how long the low carb wraps have been in the fridge.  Are there enough frozen waffles for the kids to eat (pre-made Aunt Jemima, not Leggo my Eggo's). 

The Top Dads are heading to Italy... and there is a whole lot of prep work that needs to take place.  Good thing the Top Moms are out there to help?
Bonus Topics:
What is the appropriate length in vacation days before you have to unpack your suitcase.

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