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Buongiorno! The Top Dads Italian Vacation

July 04, 2022 Top Dad Season 2 Episode 94
Top Dad
Buongiorno! The Top Dads Italian Vacation
Show Notes

Episode 94: Toppa Poppa ~ The Top Dads Italian Vacation!

Imagine there were two Clark Griswolds... that's basically what it's like traveling with the Top Dads in Italy.  What did we do in Italy you ask? Well you are going to have to listen to the episode to find out.. but here's a little teaser:

Negronis, rental car mishaps, 457 stairs to the top of a dome, breathtaking views, a pigeon named Fransico,  swimming in the sea, boat trips, wine tours, 3 hour long dinners, and all the gelato that you can eat.  Yeah, we pretty much nailed Italy.  
Bonus Topics:
Ken gets too drunk/heatstroke to podcast while Matt loses his luggage. 

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